School Projects Made Easy – Any Grade

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Make a book report, science fair project or essay the best it can be. Many students go to the web Internet and type Do My Project in Google. Right? Follow this plan and it will lead to success and better marks on school assignments.

Doing a school project poses quite a challenge to some students. Whether it is an essay, poster board presentation or diorama, these steps will make doing a project easy. Follow this formula for a plan that will produce a neat, edited and focused project. Continue reading

How to Learn Excel Step-by-Step

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Excel is part of the Windows Office software package, which also includes Microsoft Word and Powerpoint among other applications. Excel is used to create spreadsheets and graphs and solve equations. Although it may seem intimidating, using Excel is easier than you may imagine. Take some time to get comfortable with the program before starting any excel projects to make working with Excel more productive. Continue reading

Lessons from Irvine: Student Government Matters

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Influence elicits change. Israel activists on some campuses know that strong relationships with student government can be productive, while others have learned the hard way that weak or non-existent partnerships can prove hazardous to the campus climate.

Last month, the University of California, Irvine (UCI) became the first California school to pass a resolution calling to divest from Israel when its student government voted unanimously to request pulling funds from several companies that conduct business with Israel (the university administration has shown no indication that it will follow suit). Continue reading

From US Campuses to Israeli Homes, Feeling the Effects of Elections

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Israel’s recent election was watched with great interest by college students in the US and Israel. While they share many similar concerns as they consider the implications of the results, each group also brings its own perspective to the table.

According to The Jerusalem Post, 66.6 % of eligible voters participated in the poll, the highest turnout in more than a decade. Among these voters were Israeli college students, many of whom have strong opinions about their country’s future leadership. Continue reading