Israel Campus Beat is the premier student-written online publication that covers campus Israel trends and events on a near daily basis. ICB is the go-to place for reading about issues and realities regarding Israel at North American colleges and universities.

ICB also posts articles from local campus newspapers, as well as opportunities such as trips, conferences and internships so that interested students and professionals can better connect with the Israel campus network.

Israel Campus Beat is a project of the Israel on Campus Coalition and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations to provide updated news and information for pro-Israel students, professionals who support them on campus and stakeholders across the broader community.


Israel Campus Beat first debuted in 2003 as a weekly digest of news and analysis collected from other publications about the campus Israel climate around the country. ICB helped inform the community of individuals who were interested in what college newspapers were saying about Israel, juxtaposing student voices alongside national and international viewpoints. In the spring of 2010, ICB went on hiatus while the new web-based format, which debuted in January 2011, was planned. ICB now connects with a quickly growing audience via its website, facebook, twitter, and the popular weekly newsletter..


Israel Campus Beat operates through the joint efforts of regular reporter interns and a team of freelance writers who supply fresh, up-to-date content on a daily basis. With guest commentators and a weekly Editor’s column, regular ICB readers are sure to stay abreast of what is important to them on a national level. In addition to original news reporting, ICB also hosts articles from recognized Israeli news sources like the Jerusalem Post and Ha’aretz, with a weekly round-up of reporting on Israel issues from campus media. ICB is also a place where students and interested individuals can find opportunities to get involved in Israel advocacy and resources to help them plan and implement campus initiatives, with conferences, grants, internships and more listed on a dedicated Opportunities page within the site.


Since ICB’s debut in 2003, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations has been a strong partner with the ICC in delivering important news and resources to those on campus who need it most.