Israel Campus Beat is dedicated to sharing information about Israel-on-campus activities and thought across the continent among pro-Israel students, the professionals who support their efforts, members of the community, and Federations and foundations that fund them. ICB publishes stories written by student interns and freelance contributors on a range of Israel-related activities and concerns on large and small campuses. ICB targets the pro-Israel community in its broadest spectrum, and does not offer preferential treatment to any program, activity, organization or individual based on political or religious views, organizational affiliation or any other extraneous consideration.

ICB is published by the Israel on Campus Coalition, which works to empower the network of national Israel supporters to engage leaders at colleges and universities around issues affecting Israel and to create a pro-Israel climate on campus. The ICC offers information, resources, training and leadership opportunities to students, campus professionals and other supporters of Israel on campus. The ICC selects ICB’s editor-in-chief, who is empowered to run the news operation within the parameters of the ICC’s mission. ICB has an Advisory Board that offers its individual and collective expertise to help guide our work, but ultimately responsibility for the product lies with the editor in chief and the ICC.

ICB is one of the ICC’s key tools intended to foster the development of a national network of pro-Israel students and others who are committed to creating a positive environment on campus. ICB works to fulfill its mission by distributing reliable, credible information and perspectives that are presented in a manner that is accessible and relevant for our target audiences.

Objectivity and Inclusivity

Most ICB content is generated by a team of student reporter interns and freelance contributors who work under the supervision of an experienced journalist and editor. News reports should be objective, and the reporters’ personal opinions should not influence the way they present information.

ICB is not the primary voice of one pro-Israel organization, and it strives to include a wide range of views and activities sponsored by a wide range of pro-Israel groups and grass-roots student efforts. Adherence to this philosophy is of paramount importance as ICB pursues its singular mission.

We welcome diverse views and perspectives, including ideas that may not be entirely comfortable for all readers in the campus and off-campus communities. However, we believe that a broad-based pro-Israel network serves the interest of all who care about Israel and how it is perceived on campus, and this approach will foster dialogue, openness, cooperation and, ultimately, success.

There are limits to this philosophy. ICB will not support or endorse those who, in word or in deed, delegitimize Israel as a Jewish, democratic state with secure, recognized borders; disrupt campus programs or spread misinformation under the guise of news.

Opinions expressed by people who are quoted or referenced in ICB articles are not necessarily the opinions of ICB or the ICC. Signed opinion and analysis columns – whether written by the editor-in-chief, an ICC representative or a guest columnist – do not necessarily represent the views of ICB or the ICC. Indeed, we welcome diverse voices on the ICB website, and encourage representatives of student groups and organizations to contact the editor with story or column ideas.

All material posted on the ICB website goes through an editing and fact-checking process, but errors may appear in published material. We will publish corrections when mistakes are brought to our attention.

In addition to our central goal, we operate as a training ground for young media professionals, and your input will help them achieve their highest potential. Our reporters are students. Many are studying journalism and related subjects, and they bring a diverse range of experiences, ideas and perspectives to our editorial meetings. In return for their diligent work and commitment to honesty, integrity and excellence, ICB provides them with rigorous training designed to hone their reporting, writing and editing skills. When our work impresses you, we want to hear about it, but when it disappoints you, we must hear from you.


ICB uses an abbreviated version of the Associated Press Stylebook.

Privacy Policy

ICB’s website does not currently support posted comments at the end of each article. Rather, we aggregate reader’s comments and post a selection of them in a timely manner. We want to hear from you!

We will not share, sell or trade your contact information. If you subscribe to ICB updates, you can do so with assurance that your contact details will stay within the ICC. At any time, you can unsubscribe and your name will be removed from our distribution lists.